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The PR Girl Gift Guide {2014}

It's that time of year! Holidays, parties, family, friends and gift giving. 

I know just as well as anyone that you can have that 'this-is-perfect!' gift idea forever, but when it's actually time to go make the purchase, you've may have forgotten what that perfect item was. Then your mind goes blank and you start to feel the pressure. 

(In all honesty, I have a separate folder in my email that I send links to all year long. When I see something I just know my sister, best friend, mom, dad, etc. would love - I send it on over to my inbox for future reference. It helps out a lot!)

But, if you don't have a stash of ideas, or they're just not cutting it, check out these ideas for that special PR lady in your life. If she's anything like me and my gals, she's sure to love any of them.

When there's down time to read a book, 'just for fun,' she'll want something fantastic to pick up and dive into. Sometimes something light, fun and fluffy; but other times, something motivating that will still keep her mind thinking and learning.

Sleep mask.
Waking up to the bright sunshine is wonderful. But during the holiday season this gal will most likely get a little more downtime and will want to spend some of it catching up on all those zZz's she misses out on, on an all too regular basis. Blocking out the sun at these times is necessary.

Relaxing scents.
A nice, light, relaxing scented candle is always wonderful for those long days, or weeks, that scream for a hot bubble bath. They're also perfect for her to burn right at her desk while she works.

A framed graphic or picture.
It may seem a little cliché, but if you pick one of her favorite quotes or pictures, and have it framed, she will love to hang it up in her office - at home or work.

What little lady doesn't love a nice piece of jewelry to add to her collection? (I can't think of one...) Every PR gal has at least a teensy social media obsession, and a piece with her twitter handle, or social icons, is always a quirky addition to any outfit - and can be a fun conversation starter. But, you can never go wrong with a simple silver piece from Tiffany.

Portable charger.
Do any of you know a PR gal that isn't glued to her phone at all most all times? (Okay, that might be a tiny exaggeration - we really can put those smart phones away sometimes!) Checking and being on that cell all day long can cause a battery to drain pretty quickly though, and there isn't always a place to charge up. A portable charger, that can be easily slipped into her purse, is always like gold when battery life starts to dwindle.

Whether it be a fabulously unique travel mug or even just a gift card to her favorite coffee shop - she will be eternally grateful that you have helped feed her caffeine addiction. (Or, at least until the caffeine buzz dies and she's ready for her next fix. ;) )

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{Gift Ideas} Taking Care of Your Hostess

The promise of holiday parties comes along with the holiday season that is upon us. The always entertaining office parties, trips to your in-laws for dinner or getting together with a group of friends. This year while you’re out buying presents for friends, family, and coworkers don't forget to pick up a hostess gift. (Even if it’s your mom.
Christmas is a huge production and anyone who agrees to host it also agrees to take on a huge time commitment, added holiday season stress and a lot of extra work. Between composing a guest list, invites, RSVPs, food, setting up and decorating for the party itself; then the opening of gifts, possibly judgmental or gossipy relatives, screaming children (Whew! Anyone need a drink yet?)... and we haven't touched on the subject of house guests...
This year show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, and if you’re tight on cash (courtesy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday), it can even be free. Show your hostess how much you care, and appreciate their time and invitation to join them in their celebrations.
Time: volunteer to wash the mountain of dishes that accumulate after dinner, cook some of the side dishes, or entertain the kids before dinner is served. (The last thing your hostess needs is little Timmy digging through cabinets and accidentally breaking the irreplaceable antique vase passed down by her great, great grandmother.)
Caffeine: give the gift of energy. Buy a cute coffee cup and fill it with coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate packets.
Music: go old school and create a mix cd of Christmas songs to get everyone in the holiday spirit. (Not that the eggnog hasn’t done that already.)
Wine: bring something your hostess can enjoy after the festivities wind down and everyone has gone home.
Food: if you have food allergies or don’t eat certain foods ie: meat or grains, offer to bring something you can eat. This will relieve the stress of worrying what to feed you and prevent you from getting stuck with a veggie tray…again. You can also offer to bring appetizers to help curb everyone’s appetite until the main meal.
The holidays are a joyous time meant to be spent with loved ones, singing Christmas carols, laughing together, enjoying tasty food and drinks, and arguing over who makes a better pecan pie. Sometimes it’s the only chance we get to see relatives and catch up on family gossip. 
 Give a gift that allows your hostess to enjoy that time too.

Monday, December 8, 2014

How's Your Time Management?

Your time is valuable - you know that. And, we all know that a PR gal's day can be extremely busy and overwhelming. So, who's with me when I say, wasting time drives me crazy! I like to plan out my days so I can be as productive and efficient as possible. (At work and in my personal and social life.)
Sometimes at the drop of a hat, without warning, something can come up that makes it feel like your day is spinning out of control and you'll never be able to get everything done. This is where those awesome organizational and time management skills come into play. In a big way. 
Ensuring you are organized, and your time is well managed, allows you to be even more productive. It can also help relieve some of the stress that comes when unexpected wrenches are thrown into your plan.

Figuring out the best way to manage your day, and time, can be tricky sometimes - especially when you're new to the industry and not yet familiar with actually working all those long hours you have heard about. Even though it sounds like, working more hours in a day just means you can get so much more done, you have to remember that all those long days can put a whole different kind of stress on your mind and body. 
1. Plan. If you plan out your day each morning, or at the end of the previous day, it is so much easier to jump in and get going each day. Prioritizing is key. And for me, to-do lists are crucial. I write down everything I need to do and remember - for work and personal life - and each morning I check my lists and figure out what I am going to make sure to get done that day, the next day and which to-dos can wait until a later date. (Evernote makes my life easier every single day as I am constantly adding to and checking my lists.)

2. Time. Be aware of how much time your day's tasks and projects should take you. Another important part of time is making sure that you are spending your time efficiently. Think about your goals and make sure you are not spending more time than necessary on anything - no wasting time!
3. Feel better. Understand that you will feel better once you are able to cross things off your to-do list (physically or mentally). You already know how great, and accomplished, it feels to see that list shrink, so keep that in mind when you are tackling the dreaded tasks!
4. Delegate. There are going to be things that you simply aren't the greatest at or don't have time for. Don't let these things break you down or be a time suck. if you are able to, delegate these tasks to someone who is good at these things. That way, no one is wasting time and everything will be done correctly and efficiently. Consider hiring an expert, if you can.
5. Break. You definitely need to know when it is time to take a break. I know that it can be hard to tear yourself away sometimes but there are the points when you need to step away for a walk, lunch with a friend or coworker or even just to grab a cup of coffee. Take a breather when you need it. You will find that refreshing your mind actually helps when you get back to work.
 6. Sleep. Don't burnout. Make sure you are getting enough sleep each night. One of the worst feelings is waking up and dreading work because you are soo sleepy. A foggy, sleepy brain also doesn't allow you to bring your A-game. Getting enough sleep each night lets your brain recharge and be fresh, alert and ready for the next day.
7. Make time for yourself. If you are working long hours, make sure you are carving out time for yourself. It is so important to make sure you are switching modes from time to time. (We can't work all day every day, dolls. You already know this, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder. ;) ) Whether this be a movie night and bottle of wine with just yourself, a night out with the girls, dinner with your sweetie... you have to make time for it. Refocusing your brain power and energy on something that isn't just work and sleep really helps clear the mind. I promise.

Tweet me! I want to know - how do you make sure you are making the most of your time each day?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Dating Chronicles – Moves & Counter-Moves

The other day, I was watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Plutarch Heavensbee (played by the late, great, Philip Seymour Hoffman) delivered this line, “It’s moves and counter-moves, and it’s all we gotta look at.” Now, in all fairness, the character was referencing something completely different, but the more I thought about the line while trying to think of the next DC post, the more I was able to apply it to the great wide world of dating.

Think about how any relationship you’ve ever been in began, then how it developed… moves and counter-moves. A guy approaches you in a bar (his move) you either respond with interest or disinterest (your counter-move). Things then go from there in a progression of “moves.” I’ve also likened dating to a chess match. The entire act of dating really is a game!

Here’s where our generation’s gone wrong, we’ve let this game evolve into an accepted culture that then leaves something to be desired. All of these moves have left us in a situation where undesirable things become the norm, and while it’s really not okay, no one seems willing to change it.

For example, The Texting Game. Here’s how that works; either you or he sends a text, ‘Hey, how’s your day going?’ The game begins when the other person decides to take hours or days to reply. When they do, the reply usually says something along the lines of ‘Hey, sorry, just got this. My day (or yesterday, etc.) was good. Yours?’ I mean come, on, how boring is that?! And let’s be real, the person saw the text the same day you sent it, but they end up feigning this 'disinterested, let me play coy' demeanor. Is evolution moving backwards? Stop with the games! If you like someone, keep up the communication, don’t make them wonder to the point of them moving on, it’s just plain stupid.


Other “moves” we need to stop doing:

1. Phones are for texting, and that’s it… wrong! Phones were initially used to make phone calls, an idea that almost seems medieval to some nowadays.  So while I get that it’s convenient to text your honey while at work, when you’re sitting at home, doing absolutely nothing (and he is too) pick up the damn phone and call him!

2. “Maybe.” Maybe sends a clear message that he’s not a priority. If a guy asks you to go out, and you hit him with a maybe, you’ve just told him that he’s one of possibly several options. Don’t do that to someone else when you know it makes you fume when it’s done to you.

3. Non-labeling. Don’t sit there and not ask for something you want, just because you’re afraid he’ll run. If you want a label (exclusive, together, dating, etc) open your mouth and say so!!!! Let’s be honest, guys are not the best communicators, and they rarely open their mouths first, so if you want some clarification as to what you are, or to slap a label on it, it’s probably going to be on you.

4. Social media smack down. The issues between you and your sweetie are your issues. There is no need to passive-aggressively word vomit all over your social media accounts, hoping he’ll see just how pissed you are and commence the groveling. Time to put on your big girl stilettos and work your stuff out.

5. Playing hard to get. This goes hand-in-hand with the whole, I have to pretend I’m not that into him. If you’re into someone, let it be known. Be honest. (And, I’m definitely not saying get all clingy or intense and confess your love to someone you’ve only been seeing for a short period of time. You know what I mean.) You never know how they will respond, but whatever response you get is going to move that relationship you have began to build, in whatever direction it should be headed in… If he doesn’t feel the same, it may be time to move on. If he does, then maybe you’ll find something really great growing from that seed that has been planted.

6. The Waiting Game. Going back to the whole texting and calling thing… If you had a wonderful time on your date, sometimes it’s okay to shoot a quick text saying so. “Hey you! I had a great time tonight (today, whatever). Have a good night!” This can get tricky, but I don’t always think it is the worst thing. Also, don’t think that you have to wait ‘x’ many days to call after a date. There is no rule, and playing the game of waiting it out and seeing who will call first is just dumb. (Again, don’t go all crazy girl mode and start blowing up this dude’s phone though! No one likes that - guy or gal.) I can’t say this enough, be honest and straight forward. Sure, you don’t have to tell the guy every single thought in your head (and you shouldn’t!), but don’t play games. Honesty is key, and appreciated by all.

7. Social stalking. My first rule is, don’t jump all over every social media page you are on and 'follow' and 'friend' this new guy. Give it some time to see where you two are going. If you do become internet ‘friends,' obviously you are going to poke around a little and get to know more about said guy… just don’t go nuts and dive deep into his posts and pictures and over-analyze. It’s weird and creepy.

Let’s start making our dating culture more appealing, and less about the games.
Isn't honesty where it's at? Why fake it? Be real. Be you. 

Say and do what you mean, no matter the outcome. Only when we make these positive changes can we stop complaining about them when they happen to us.

PR Intern Survival Kit

As your fall semester is coming to an end, you are probably already starting to think about, apply for, and lock down those spring internships.

But, what do you do when you've landed that great intern spot? How do you know what you will need to bring with you on your first day?

Beyond the obvious of showing up (ON TIME) with an upbeat, positive attitude, and a notebook and pen, AND having done more research about your new position (sure, you've already researched the company, but by now you may have been provided with materials that explain your intern position and duties in further detail), there are some other things you will want in your corner to help you.

So, what are these other items you will want to be uber prepared to sparkle and shine at your new position? Check it out:

 A Journal - your time as an intern will be jammed packed full of fantastic information and learning experiences. When your internship comes to an end, and your ready to start vamping up that resume, it can sometimes be hard to remember each and every awesome thing you did and worked on. This journal is a great place to look back remember all the resume-worthy tasks and projects and memories.

A Weekly Planner - I finally ditched the physical planner {that I carried around with me EVERYWHERE} a couple years ago when I fell in love with my Google calendar. As I'm sure you already know, organization is KEY! And, I can guarantee - you are going to get pretty damn busy with your intern work, school work, work, social life, and whatever else life throws at you. So, find out what method of time management and organization works best for you, and utilize it to it's fullest!

The PR Girl Threads - You've all heard the saying, "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have," right? Well, I suppose I semi-agree with this. The office I work in is pretty casual, and if I were an intern there I probably wouldn't want to show up in a suit or something that would be too 'formal.' Ask about the dress code during your interview, observe what others in the office are wearing, and remember: it never hurts to over dress a little bit. Just steer clear of anything too casual, wild, or shows too much skin. 

(Her Campus has 8 of the essential intern wardrobe pieces down perfectly. These pieces can be worn in just about any type of office.)

 City Flats - If you're like me and love to wear heels, you will want to stash a pair of simple, classic flats into your bag as well. There will be times you are running all over the place, are on your feet all day, have an event to attend or help at after a long day... whatever it is, trust me... you will be thanking me when you're able to pull out those flats and let those feet rest a little. 

Make-up Refresher Kit - We all know that beautiful application of make-up from the morning doesn't last and stay so beautiful throughout the day. I suggest a powder compact, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, or gloss. With these quick and simple products handy, you can be ready to take on the world, with a fresh face, within minutes

An Awesome Travel Mug - Whatever you poison of choice is - coffee, tea, water... you're not going to want {or be able to afford} to stop at the corner coffee shop every day. Why not carry, and guzzle down, that caffeinated {or non-caffeinated} beverage of choice in a stylish cup-to-go?!

A Healthy Snack - While we're on the subject of drink, let's talk food quick. Tossing a little snack in your bag will, again, help save you money and ensure that you aren't stopping at a vending machine to grab a salty, high-calorie snack while you're on the go from campus to the office. Also, a little snack here and there can be the perfect pick-me-up; you can't forget to eat. I promise you'll get sluggish and won't perform like the rockstar you are.

 iPod/Smartphone - I'm obsessed with music and if I would go crazy if I had to have a silent commute or wasn't able to listen to music throughout the day. In all honesty, I use Spotify everywhere - on my laptop and phone (which, as you know, means I can listen to my tunes anywhere I am). And, with the smartphone, you'll be able to organize all your new contacts into your phone right away, and even be able to access that calendar (if you go the digital route) at the touch of a button screen.

Am I missing something essential?? Tweet me and tell me what is, or was, your must-have item(s) while starting to learn the PR ropes?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Make “Non-Related” Work Experience Work for You

Millennials have a tendency to bounce from job to job. We may start out in one career field then do a complete 180. This is fine until we find our “dream job” and realize we have no experience. Or, we’ve been working in fast food joints all through high school and college, then when it’s time to get a job in the real world we’re made to believe we have no experience. This is not true!

Every job you’ve ever had can contain relevant work experience. You simply have to know how to look. For instance, let’s say you worked at Starbucks during college (that would be a dream job for me) and you now want a job in PR. There are a lot of relate-able skills you can list on your resume.


Works well under pressure
There is a lot of pressure to create a customized coffee drink, especially early in the morning. People get angry if you mess up their grande soy milk latte with 1 shot of espresso. Bring the same dedication and hard work to your new job. In the world of PR there is always pressure from the clients, your boss, etc. But when the going gets tough take a deep breath and hone in on those skills you learned as a barista.

Ability to multi-task 
If you’ve worked at any coffee shop multi-tasking is almost a prerequisite. From making coffee, to taking orders while making coffee you have to be able to focus on more than one task at a time. This is true in PR as well. You may have to proof a pitch while on a client call all while you are checking the stats of your latest Twitter campaign. Trust me, if you can’t multi-task you won’t get very far.

This one is huge! Just like you have to communicate your customer’s coffee order, you must also be able to communicate with clients. When writing a pitch or press release you have to ensure you are getting the client’s vision or product across to the public. With social media now being such a crucial part of PR you need to get your point across and sometimes you only have 140 characters to do it. 

Knowing your product/pitching
If someone comes up and says “What kind of coffee do you recommend?” You have to know your product! At the bare minimum you should know the difference between a latte and a mocha so you can provide your customer with an honest answer. You could even ask a few more questions to get a sense of the customer’s coffee preferences. The same can be applied to PR. You should be able to verbally pitch your company to a potential client or describe, in detail, the services your company provides. This is also a skill you should learn for yourself. Think elevator pitch.

I’m not saying this alone will land you an interview at your dream PR company. You should still intern and make sure your writing skills are up to par but it will help you feel more confident in your abilities and help your future employer see your potential.

Don’t let anyone tell you your experience isn’t valid. The jobs you’ve had have taught you life lessons and it’s shaped you into the person you are today. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Use it to your advantage and blow them away in your interview!

Good luck! 

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Dating Chronicles - Distance Makes the Heart

You knew how that headline was going to end. 
 We’ve all heard it before, but does distance truly make the heart grow fonder? 
 With the overwhelming presence people have online, is it possible to develop a meaningful connection with someone you’ve never met in person? Perhaps someone who lives across the country or in a different country entirely?
We here at The Dating Chronicles have been asking ourselves that very question. And to be completely honest, it’s a difficult question, one without a cookie-cutter response, so the only reasonable outcome was for us to write about it ;-)
The circumstance has yet to present itself to us, but all things are possible, so we won’t rule it out from ever happening. One gal we know, on the other hand, is going through this exact thing right now. This is her story – 
I jumped on a dating app, not really thinking much of it. Honestly, I was just trying to find fun people to go grab a drink or two with and keep my time, not spent at work or with friends and family, occupied. I didn’t expect anything to come of it. And, if I’m really being honest, I didn’t even want anything to come of talking to or meeting anyone. I figured, if I met someone cool, I’d go with it and see where things went from there. But, again, I didn’t expect that to happen - or even want it.
So, when I did meet someone and we seemed to click right away, I wasn’t sure what to think. Especially because he doesn’t even live in the same state I do. Right away I thought, ‘Who cares. Could be fun to chat with this little hottie. He’s pretty funny and sweet, and I like talking to him.’ 
The more and more we chatted and shared info and stories about our lives, I started developing a little crush… then my mind started going. I tried to stop it, but that mind of mine wouldn’t stop badgering me with the questions of, ‘Yeah, you like him but where could this go?' 'What if it starts to feel like more than a silly, fun crush?’ etc. etc. etc.
{You know the drill, ladies. Not so fun.}
So, I blocked out all those questions the best I could and chilled out, and it worked. Until I met him.
The entire time we spent together was nothing but fantastic! It didn't feel weird or awkward. At all. I still can’t figure out if that was a good or bad decision. First of all because I have no idea when, or even if, I’ll see him again. And second, we don’t live anywhere near each other… {cue annoying thoughts running through my mind again.)
I kept questioning myself. Was it a good idea to meet him, to answer my wondering of what it would be like to see him face-to-face, or should I have left it all a mystery and someday just move on? I’m still not really sure. But, there's not changing it now, can only move forward from here.
We have continued to talk since I last saw him, but I think it has only made my mind ask even more questions I don’t think it should be pondering. I’m stuck in this limbo of what to do or think. This isn’t a situation I ever thought I would be in. 
 What’s a girl to do? Stick with logic, especially when there are many eligible guys here in my own city? Or, throw caution to the wind and see what happens with my, seemingly  great, ‘mystery man’? 
 I'll be sure to keep R + A and all your Dating Chronicles readers updated on what happens, so stay tuned...
Rachel and I could see where she was coming from, and we both didn’t know what to tell this girl because ultimately, we’re not her. What works for us, won’t always work for everyone else.
Now, I just happened to read an article on Huff Post Weddings back in September about an engaged couple who first “met” on Instagram, and I thought of it right away when this topic was chosen. My first thought reading it wasn’t, “That’s weird,” my first thought was, “Aw, that’s so cute!” With the expansion of digital mediums, more and more people are finding connections in places that never existed just a few short years ago.
In fact, these connections expand beyond romantic relationships and extend into friendships, as well as different types of partnerships. I know this column is usually about dating, but I beg your indulgence while I make my point. 
Take me and Rachel as an example. She lives in the Midwest; I’m on the East Coast. A friend sent me a link to one of her blog posts about breaking into PR. I read it, liked it, and decided to send Rachel a tweet about how much I appreciated the post.  Not only did Rachel tweet back, but before I knew it, I had a DM from her, asking about my writing and if I’d be interested in contributing to this blog… a connection and working partnership was born!
What about you? Have you made a connection with someone far away through a media platform or dating app? We’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts, so please share in the comments section below or mosey on over to Twitter and tweet us, @AlyssaNRomeo & @rachmariepr!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Overcoming Blogger Burnout

It has been pretty clear that I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time now. It isn't something I love to admit, but I have really pushed this to the back and always seem to skip over anything on my to-do list(s) that have to do with blogging.

There are a few reasons for my absence in the last couple months... work has been busy (but awesome!), heartache, and just life in general.

But, I'm back! 

Since I write a lot at work, sometimes the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit down and write out even one blog post. So I figured, that might actually make a great blog post: how to make time for blogging when you don't feel like you have it. ('It' being any creativity left for the day, or 'it' being the time? For me, it's a little of both a lot of the time.)

But, I'm sure that's me getting into my own head and just being a tad lazy from time-to-time. So, what should you do when you are hitting a creative block or how can you find the time to push out a, still quality, blog post when you're busy?


1. Write in advance. We all know this one and we all know it doesn't always work. I'm going to start making this work for me again by cutting down how often I want to start posting again. Instead of trying to get a post out 3-5 times a week. I'm striving for up to three posts. Writing three posts throughout the week, or on a weekend, is definitely manageable!

2. Sit down and start writing. It's exactly what I did with this post. Honestly, I posted a story to my Snapchat and one of my favorite East Coast gals, Sara, messaged me right away telling me to WRITE! To just do it! I told her maybe I'd start a post tonight (and didn't honestly think I would). I do love how motivating and inspiring she has always been for me, so I did as she said and started writing. (I knew she was right when she said, "it will make you feel better." And you know what, DUH! She was right.)

3. Write down your ideas. There are so many times that I come up with a great blog idea but am in no position to actually sit down and write the blog. That's when I put it into Evernote. That way when I am ready to start typing my heart out, I have a list of ideas to go to if I am hitting a creative wall.

4. Remember why you started. For me, it feels great to hear from all of you gals about how much you appreciate these posts and how helpful you find them. I love to be able to share my thoughts, experiences and insights, and connect with you all! And, of course, for all the posts that are not PR+career related, it just feels good to write. Just like Sara said, "Do it! It will make you feel better."

Now, I want to hear from you! Jump over to Twitter and tell me, how do you make sure you carve out time in your week to keep up with your writing? And, if you start slacking as hard as I have, how did you get motivated to jump back in?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take it from #GIRLBOSS

It’s finally fall! There is something about cooler weather that makes us say goodbye lazy days and hello productivity. I always seem to get more done because there isn’t the distraction of lying by the pool or the whisperings of a warm summer breeze.

A great way to get back into the groove is to read a book. There is nothing better than snuggling up in a blanket with a cup of coffee and reading something that inspires you. Choose a book you’ve always wanted to read, but never had the time, or re-read one of your favorites.

I recently chose one I've been wanting to read. Sophia Amoroso’s, #GIRLBOSS. One word, amazing.
 Being a #GIRLBOSS doesn’t apply only to businesswomen. She is someone who follows her dreams, makes them happen, and then busts her booty to hold onto them. Amoroso created Nasty Gal at the age of 22 and lived on Starbucks and burgers. 

She had no experience and no degree but she had grit and stubbornness and with that you can accomplish anything. So whether it’s landing your dream internship, starting a blog, or moving across the country, #GIRLBOSS you can do it! 

 Here are a few words of wisdom from Amoroso to get you started:
“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.” 
Just because you didn’t succeed at something doesn’t mean it was a waste. Maybe you learned a skill or discovered something you didn’t like. Apply that to your next job. Always look for the silver lining and never make the same mistake twice.
“Fortune favors the bold who get shit done.”
Don’t expect to have your dreams handed to you. You need to put in the time to make your dreams come true. The harder you work for it the sweeter the success.
“Bet on yourself.”
If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect other people to? There will be tons of people telling you why you can’t do something. All you need is to keep telling yourself that you can.
“You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously.”
As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Show you are serious by coming in early and staying late. Be the first to volunteer for a project. Pretty soon people will take notice.

What are your dreams? Share with us below.