Thursday, June 27, 2013

Balancing an Unpaid Internship with a Part-Time Job

Working an unpaid internship along with a part time job is hard but it is doable. Three things that would help you balance the two. 

1. You need to have time management. You can't tackle a big project at your internship and work at a fast pace job. You will be burnt out. When considering a part time job chose a laid back environment with a flexible schedule. For example, if your interning at a high volume agency that requires you to do a lot of hands on. Your ideal part time should be less stressful. Retail and serving industry is a great part time job. The hours are flexible and the environment is usually exciting, depends on the store. You don't take any work home and you gain customer service skills you can use in your unpaid internship. Depend on the industry internship is usually fast pace where you’re soaking in a lot of knowledge. 

2. Don't tackle more than you can handle. If you’re working your part-time job long hours and you’re not being productive in your internship, or you’re feeling like you are overwhelmed, then you took on more than you can handle. 

3. Prioritize what's more important: the temporary pay or the knowledge and experience you will get at your unpaid internship. 

How do you handle the two?

{Guest post by Michelle Cade. Find her at @AspiringPR.}

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  1. This is just what I needed! and i am deffo going to write a post like this when I start my new job!

    would love if you had a look at my posts on my internship diaries n tell me what you think as you have lots of experience :)

    thankyou x