Monday, June 24, 2013

PRo PRofile: Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks, San Diego, CA
Tell me about yourself.  
I'm the founder of PR Couture, which means that most-often I'm working from the little yellow table in my kitchen! 

How did you get into PR? 
I started working for an eCommerce jewelry company during grad school. Originally I was hired to write product copy, but that quickly evolved into managing the PR and marketing department.

What inspired you to create PR Couture? 
There wasn't anything about fashion PR online - I wanted to create a place to write about the industry and also celebrate the hard-working publicists working behind the scenes.

What is your favorite part of PR? 
Helping clients tell their stories and the thrill when an editor says yes to that story.

What is your favorite part of blogging? 
I've connected with so many incredible people through PR Couture. It's the people and the opportunities that have come my way through blogging that I treasure the most.

What is your average day/week like? If no average day, what was yesterday like for you? 
Well, yesterday was Sunday. I met up with some friends for an 8 am workout at Balboa Park, which involved way too many stairs, and then I explored a new thrift store that opened up recently. I spent the afternoon reading a book I picked up at the thrift store, then I watched some bad TV, and then spent the evening tweaking PR Couture, editing Monday's article and putting the finishing touches on a new pack of email templates I'm releasing this week. 

What inspires, and motivates, you? 
I'm inspired by people who have the courage to explore the unknown, as well as artists of all sorts who create wonderful things that serve and inspire their communities. I'm motivated by a desire to live up to my potential, to help others and to do great work. 
What are three important qualities a PR pro must have? 
A fascination with other people's stories and an innate understanding of what makes a great one, a desire to be helpful and to connect people and ideas to one another and a strong sense of self, purpose and confidence.

How do you balance your work, website/blog and personal life? 
I don't really strive for balance. For me, it's about striving to show up fully for whatever is in front of me.

Any last thoughts, tips or advice for someone starting out in the PR field? 
Read as much as you can - all sort of stuff - you never know when you might be inspired or be the one person at the table with the next bright idea or perfect headline.

Where can we find you online?
Instagram: PR Couture

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