Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 Tips Every PR Intern Should Follow this Summer

Caroline is a PR intern at Ruby Media Group this summer as has some great words of wisdom for her fellow interns out there. {And, those of you who will be interning in the future!}

As an aspiring Public Relations professional, I want to get the most out of my internship this summer. Not only do internships look good on your resume, they are a great way to experience your future career path. My time as a PR intern has taught me not only valuable lessons but has given me a chance to get my hands dirty and actually learn something useful. So to all of my other aspiring PR professionals, make sure you take something away from every internship by utilizing my top five tips to help maximize your experience.  


1.  Get to know your supervisor.

Remember that your supervisor isn’t just there to give you work or to watch you fail. He or she is your biggest advocate or supporter, and your supervisor wants you to succeed. Always remember, your company chose you for a reason and vice-versa.

2.  Remember- you are there to work.

Get to know your co-workers and take initiative for yourself. If you don’t feel like you’re being challenged enough, then ask for more work. Your supervisor and co-workers will appreciate your work and help around the office. Also, try to understand why you are working on the tedious work for a client instead of what needs to be done. This will help you understand the larger strategic picture and how your work ties into the communication strategy.

3.  Do the tedious work.

It may not seem like the most crucial element in the overall scheme of things, but in the end it will be worth it. Remember to be patient. As your supervisor trusts you more, they will assign you more challenging tasks. Make sure you put in the hours needed to make your work high quality, and you will be rewarded.  When you get positive feedback especially from the CEO, there is no better feeling.

4.  It’s OK to ask questions.

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as stupid questions.” It’s encouraged to ask questions especially if you are working on important client initiatives. It shows you’re curious and eager to learn about the industry.  Most importantly it shows you want to do your job correctly and send out your best work possible. Since the PR industry is 24/7, don’t forget the most crucial question to ask, “When is this assignment due?” Deadlines are crucial; don’t let one creep up on you.

5.  Keep writing.

Being a good writer is critical in the PR industry. Always keep up with correct grammar, and do not rely on spell-check. This is a skill that people easily slack off on. Instead, try to keep a blog, ask to draft a pitch and practice strong email writing. You will be helping yourself in the end!

Caroline Arnold is a PR Intern at Ruby Media Group and a Strategic Communications Major at Elon University.

{Image courtesy of Ruby Media Group.}

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  1. Love the point about keep writing. With being so busy in the industry, it can be really easy to put blogging on the side burner but it should still be a priority. Great article!